Deleted all my animations

So i recently reinstalled my entire computer, thinking my sprites/animations, were saved in the program like any other game/program on steam. But now all my animations are gone, and i dont have a earlier restore point for my pc. anyone know a way to recover them? they were for my portfolio to get into a school

hi, peter. i’m afraid that if you formated the hardrive the files are gone.
not all games or programs store files on steam cloud. those who do have this on their store page: KKuhi0T1
usually only games have this option for saves. programs like pixageFX, pixel studio or aseprite don’t.

Hi, If you are working on important draw you must create cloud files. I had the same situation like you many times. I am using yandex. It works well. There is also google, mycloud and dropbox. These are good at storage your files. I like to use yandex more. I can synchronize after i save the file.

You need to recover your file from this moment. You should download Recuva. Do not install anything after you restore your pc. You might lose files. I hope this will help you. Good luck.

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