Deleting frames while export to sprite sheet

Hello folks,

is there any way to export only every second frame into a frame sheet to reduce overall frame numbers in the sheet? I of course could manually delete them before exporting but maybe theres a better way to batch this job for a lot of animations?

Thanks in advance!

Not built in. You could write a script that deletes every other frame for you, and Undo that after you’ve exported.

If the frames you want to cut out are duplicates of other frames, you can automatically reuse frames by checking the “Merge Duplicates” option in Export Sprite Sheet, in the Layout tab, and this will reduce your spritesheet size. And if they’re not duplicates, is it really a good idea to cut them out?

I’m using a bash script for exporting my ase files. And David did implement a ‘ignore empty’ function.
You might find what you’re looking for here :