Dev on DEX: Aseprite

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10 to be a low powered Game Development/Music Production rig via Samsung DEX.

For Game Development I am using Construct 3 and DroidEdit Pro, while Music Production is being handled by FL Studio Mobile 3. Between Construct 3 and FLSM, I’m two thirds of the way from completely abandoning a traditional desktop or laptop for professional game development. The final third of the equation is sprite animation.

While Pixly tries its best to be a decent sprite animation tool, it doesn’t quite compare to the feature set and workflow of Aseprite.

Lately, I read a post on this forum talking about the considerations made to port Aseprite to Android and iOS, and wondered if such considerations were negated by porting Aseprite to the Galaxy Store as a DEX only app.

Adding Aseprite to the Galaxy Store would certainly give developers of all skill levels a good reason to consider Samsung DEX as their daily driver.