Diagonal symmetry?

Any plans to implement this? Would be extremely useful for drawing weapons / tools and such


How dare you steal my idea?>:O

That would be mighty useful indeed. Might be hard to implement from a programming standpoint, but that’s just my guess, I’m not a programmer :smiley:
Would love to see this feature. Manual rotating/flipping is annoying and nowhere near as convenient as real-time symmetry.

It’s not any harder than horizontal or vertical mirroring :>

Even if it’s not hard to implement from a programing pov, it would mean that every placed pixel would be oddly rotated when mirrored, which is pretty strange for pixel art. A 45° angle would be the only logical feature to implement, but I must admit I never felt the need for it whatsoever.

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I think 45 degree symmetry is the only one anyone’s expecting, the only configuration would be the location of the symmetry axes, just like vertical and horizontal symmetry.

Diagonal symmetry is most often useful when designing item icons for games, those are often rotated 45 degrees to maximise the use of space.