Did Snap to grid change?

in version 1.2
when I active snap to grid, then select object , by pressing Ctrl+Alt I can duplicate with snapping on grid

the new version when I press Ctrl+Alt it will duplicate without snapping. =/

is this a new way ? "my muscle memory :sweat_smile: "

can I change the same behavior on 1.2 ?

I really didn’t like the new behavior.
is there a reason for the changing ?

the video show the issue

There is a reason for the change: Add preference for dragged selection to respect snap to grid setting

Anyway the option to go back to the old behavior is missing, we’ll try to add an option to reverse this to the previous behavior, but by default (by feedback of new users) it’s expected that if snap to grid option is enabled, moving the selection also snaps to grid.

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I see,
well for me the previous behavior was way better, now every time I need to undo and remember to left the alt :smiling_face_with_tear:
my workflow with previous one faster to handle with snapping.

Anyway the option to go back to the old behavior is missing

Thank you This will save me alot of headache :heart: :heart: :heart:
I hope I see it very soon since my files got tile map and 1.2.9 not support it.

maybe add another tool call it “snap selection”. so I can change the shortcut. or like you said an option. :+1:

Ok I notice this option.
Thank you for bringing back the old behavior :smiling_face_with_tear: :+1: