Difficulty Opening Files (Drag & Drop, PNGs & .aseprite)

I’ve been using Aseprite on Windows for years and haven’t encountered this problem until recently. At first, I noticed I couldn’t drag and drop PNGs anymore. I could right click and “Open With”, and open inside Aseprite itself, but this also means I can’t drag multiple PNGs into one .aseprite file for animation or layers.

Then, I noticed when I tried to open an .aseprite file, it would load Aseprite, and then not open anything. Even if I use “Open With”, my .aseprite file would only create a new window, not load anything. I can still open files within Aseprite itself, but this also cuts on my workload compared to simply opening the file.

I’m unsure what I could have done to cause this. I made sure I had admin privileges, and still nothing changes. I’m not sure what else to try, even after searching. Is there anything else I should do?

Hi @Rico_Harbor, generally, if you cannot drop files inside Aseprite it might be because Aseprite is running as admin and the desktop process (explorer.exe) as your regular user. Could be this the case? Are you running Aseprite as admin?

Oh, that worked! I guess I had the complete wrong idea, I think at the time, I must have thought Running as Admin would solve a different problem I forgot about, or something. Well, all my file opening works fine again, thank you so much!

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