Disable circle around pointer when i release click with a pen?

Whenever i click somewhere in aseprite with my pen, a circle around the pointer appears. This does not happen anywhere else in my system (including OS and other painting software), as i have disabled every visual cue in the system/drivers. Why is aseprite behaving like this, and can i stop it?

Note: this only happens when i release the pen without moving it.

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iā€™m not sure about this, because i always forget how did i get rid of that damn thing, but i think itā€™s related to windows ink. did you try to set wintab instead of windows ink in preferences ā†’ tablet ?

So im not talking about the circle that shows up when you hold the pen.
In windows ink, i have that disabled.
This is a circle that shows up only when i release the pen without moving it (for any period of time).
This only happens in aseprite, not in the OS or other drawing software (or any other software).

Hi @Gujhack, could you please share a screenshot of that?

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Thats the circle, when i RELEASE the pen (only the pen) after clicking and not moving it. Doesnt matter what tool im currently using. No other part of the OS or other apps display that. I have disabled any pen visual effects in windows ink.

It quickly increases a bit, then dissapears. Like a signal.