Disable multi-step undo


One thing I have trouble working with in Aseprite is the Undo function. This might seem odd to some but let me give you a daily experience as an example: I’m selecting something, copying by CTRL + dragging the mouse, letting go at the destination, hold CTRL + dragging the mouse again… I repeat this 10 more times. Let’s say the 11th time I do it, I make a mistake in placement. When I hit CTRL + Z to undo, all 11 of my copies are undone and I’m back where I started when I first selected what I wanted to copy. I can only think to describe this as “multi-step undo” where Aseprite is considering my repeated actions as a single undoable action. Is this a setting? Bug? Feature request? Thanks for any insight.

Looks like a bug to me. I can’t think how that would be considered useful behaviour.

it’s not actually a multi-step
when you ctrl+drag you need to confirm or cancel the duplication (you’ll see a check and an X in the bar)
you can actually confirm by pressing enter after each duplication and you’ll confirm each one if you want

basically the moment you start duplicating is when your single action begins and when you confirm is where that single action ends

back to your issue… you made a mistake in placement… then just don’t undo, you can actually just drag the duplicated part and do whatever you want with it until you confirm or do another duplication

so if you want to confirm each duplication to be able to undo to each one you can confirm each one by pressing enter I honestly don’t see an issue with how this works… the only thing that I see has an issue here is that we can’t reassign the enter key for confirming a selection to a different one

(also a bug I noticed is pressing tab aka show/hide timeline actually confirms the selection I’ll submit this)

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Hi everybody :wave: It’s kinda of a bug/UI oddity. We have to fix (catch) undo/redo commands when multiples copies/modifications/transformations are being done so we can go back step by step inside the “transformation loop” (related to issue 424)

This is actually done in this way so we can select multiple frames/layers and create several copies/transformation of the selection in all those frames/layers at the same time.

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