Disable new feature 'aseprite-thumbnailer'

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if there is a way to disable the new feature in Aseprite v1.2.31 that no longer shows the Aseprite icon but rather the image itself.

I want to disable it because now I can’t easily distinguish between .ase files and .png/.gif files.

An example:

In File Explorer Options > View, you can enable “Display file icon on thumbnails”, and that should display the Aseprite icon in the corner of the .ase file (and do the same for any other files you have that have thumbnails and icons). If that works for you, it should be a better option for distinguishing related files than removing the thumbnailer entirely.

AFAIK aseprite-thumbnailer, which generates these thumbnails, is a separate program that’s just packaged with Aseprite now, and there should be an Uninstall.bat you can run to uninstall it.
I don’t know if future upgrades will be smart enough not to install it again though…

It would be nice for this to be something you can toggle from within Aseprite D:

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Sadly the View option for “Display file icon on thumbnails” is not that distinguishable at all and ‘‘Always show icons no thumbnails’’ option changes all files, not only .ase or .aseprite sadly, so then I wouldn’t be able to see the thumbnails of .png .jpg files, etc.

Hi @GraggyIceLAN, you should be able to re-install Aseprite unchecking the “Generate thumbnails in File Explorer” option:

I think that should work for your case.


Gracias dacap! No me había enterado! :dotted_line_face:

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