Disable selection moving while adding/subtracting from selection

To modify an existing selection with a selection tool, I can hold SHIFT/ALT to add or subtract.
While modifying a selection, in 99.9% of cases I do not want to move my selection.
But because selection tools move the current selection if I click drag on a selection edge I tend to do it by accident.

Being able to accidentally move the selection while making modifications feels awkward and counterintuitive, to me.
It’s also limiting - I can’t click on, or close to, selection edges when adding/subtracting. or I move the selection.

Please consider disabling selection moving if holding a selection modifier users have defined here:

P.S. Why is there duplicate entries in the keyboard shortcuts, as shown above?

hi mosaic! go to preferences > selection and disable “move selection on add mode” and “allow moving selection edges”. that should do the trick.

Hey there, thanks for the tip.

This is where things get nuanced and potentially confusing.
If I follow your advice then I can no longer move selections (without moving pixels) at all. Which is even more handicapping.

I want to be able to move selections without moving pixels, but also want to be able to click anywhere when adding/subtracting from a selection.

Since Aseprite has dedicated selection tools and a Move Tool, I don’t see why selection tools don’t simply move selections if you click and drag inside the selection, and only the Move Tool (hold control key to use Move Tool temporarily) can actually trigger a transform to move pixels.

In Photoshop and Cosmigo Pro Motion this is very simple and intuitive, but seems to be a struggle in Aseprite and I believe it can be improved with fairly simple tool behavior changes.
I’ve read many posts/questions about how to move selections in Aseprite from various users and think some increased user-friendliness regarding selections could go a long way.