Dithering not working with the gradient tool in v1.3

No matter what type of dithering is selected, it always defaults back to “no dithering” as soon as I click anything, thus, making any type of dithering with the gradient tool impossible.


Changing back to the old version, v1.2.4 resolved the issue which makes me think it’s a new problem only in v1.3.
I’ll be using the old version for dithering-related things until then, but I really wish it’d get solved.


The workaround I tried in v1.3.1 was to select the pencil tool, go to dynamics in the context bar, and turn off Same in all Tools.


I was also able to set the gradient’s dither matrix from the dynamics dither matrix menu.


Also an option: change the aseprite.ini file while Aseprite is not open. It can be located by going to Edit > Properties and looking for the Locate Configuration File link under the General tab.

From the Steam forum:

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Today we’ve released v1.3.2, this issue should be solved :pray:

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