Dithering on the fly

I thought I found a setting where what I blur applies dithering. I can’t find it now. How do I enable that setting?

Hi @Nit_Pick, I’m not sure, it might be:

  • The Blur tool (R key) in an indexed image (Sprite > Color Mode > Indexed)
  • Or the Jumble tool (R key two times)
  • Or a Convolution Matrix (F9 key, Edit > FX > Convolution Matrix menu) with drunk-3x3_x pattern or something similar
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Ack, forgot to mention that it applies the Bayer Matrix dithering. If that makes sense. Kinda like how Dan Fessler’s HD Index Painting works.

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No, there is no such option.

Weird, I could have sworn there was a pop up window similar to the pull down gradient menu that chooses Bayer Matrix or regular gradient interpolation.

Yes, there is a combobox to select the matrices, but they are for the gradient tool (there is no HD index painting mode):

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Weird… I must have been really tired to think of something like that. Thanks for your time.

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When will this dithering brushes be available in the paid version. ? :slight_smile: I mean i understand you can make your own brushes but still it would be nice to have them.

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I agree, I’d really like this feature. There’s some small thingies that are still making it hard for me to decide if I marry with Aseprite for pixelart or stick to Photoshop. Basically, Photoshop is still much stronger in every aspect except for animation which is disastrous there.

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