Dithering/Palletize automation help

Basically I want to find out if there is a feature where I can palletize an image, in a similar way that krita does, but with the added feature of it auto dithering it with multiple custom brush styles.

So lets say I’m using a limited color palette of rgby or cmyk, and I copied and pasted an image of this sunset. With the colors I’ve mentioned, it’d be hard to draw this even with dithering due to the lack of orange and purple hues that are in this picture. how would I palletize it with the use of custom dithering brushes and not just one pattern as it tends to not look good with just one. idk if i need to make a matric,index,or script or whatever i may need. Thanks for any help/reading.

hi, first you need to build your palette, once you have there the colours you need (don’t forget to put a colour for transparency at index 0), go to sprite → color mode → more options. there you can select conversion from rgb to indexed and dithering algorithm or pattern.
the closer the colours in your palette are to colours in the image, the better the result will be.
so, for instance here’s a comparison of alpha,white+cmyk palette, floyd-steinberg dithering at 50%:

vs alpha + 8 colours taken directly from image, floyd-steinberg dithering at 100%: