Dividing the canvas up

I brought this up in the past but I don’t think I fully showed what I meant. Graphics gale has a feature where you can divide the canvas up into equal parts depending on the dimensions. I think this would be super useful for people doing character sheets.

also maybe a way to have the program make a grid where it takes the widest and tallest sprite and makes a grid with those dimensions for each grid square. thank you to all the devs that work on this software.

Aseprite does have a grid feature in view > show > grid, and view > grid >grid settings. Is there something in particular that GG does with it’s grid that is missing?

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in graphics gale you can have for instance a 160x160 canvas and set it to 4x4 division and each square will be a 40x40 pixel grid which isn’t hard to set it to that manually since you can do the math in your head but it’s nice when the canvas doesn’t have a clear number divisible by another number.