DNA Molecule GIF

This is my first animation I have ever completed. I took me about 5 1/2 hrs to complete. I couldn’t get the cross bars to look right in my opinion, but better to release what I have than break it and get frustrated. Lol. I may fix it up at a later time.



[EDIT] Uploaded image with larger border for clarity.


This looks perfect! the motion looks like its going down and rotating clockwise both at once. This is very nice and I would really like to see what you are going to do with it!

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HH It looks like the picture on Science Daily

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I think it’s really cool and well done.


@Phantom Well, this was just me learning how Aseprite works, and testing my ability to plan an animation. I had done neither before(I knew the basics of animation). If you want it, you can have it to use in something.

Also, I was trying to minimize the scrolling down effect. That was not my intention. The first iteration seemed to ONLY scroll down! Lol.

@R18OUND I don’t get that reference! Haha.

@wolliel Thank you! I’m very proud that this could be the first thing I made in Aseprite.