Do Reference Layers have any special attributes?

Do reference layers have any special attributes/properties or associated fields you can poll in a script? Something like layer.isVisible, layer.isBackground, layer.isGroup, etc.

I wrote a script to force relink cels in an open sprite but I’d like to skip any cels on reference layers.

I haven’t been able to find any information on the API documentation and blindly trying potential names, like isReference/isReferenceLayer/etc. hasn’t worked for me. These layers don’t seem to have any user data either.

I checked the source code and they do seem to have an “isReference()” but this property doesn’t seem to be exposed to the API?

I guess that if there’s no public attribute I can check against I’ll have to filter them out through other ugly means (like checking against their name which would be far from ideal).

Any info about scripting with reference layers would be useful.


Hi @LuxTK, the new property will be available in the next version (v1.2.30) thanks to behreajj.

More info here: Expose Layer Is Reference Getter by behreajj · Pull Request #2988 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

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Good to know, thanks!