Does anyone have an Amiga palette preset?

Hi there.

I was wondering if anyone had made an Amiga palette preset by chance? And of course, if so, would you want to share it? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


I think the Amiga uses 12-bit colors which means there are too many colors for a palette. List of monochrome and RGB color formats - Wikipedia

Judging from searching for Amiga on Lospec it seems to not be a feasible system to create a palette for in that sense.

You’d probably be better off picking colors from Amiga games instead. From screenshots or however you can get them.

Sounds like a better idea. Thanks for the input. I guess the next difficulty will be to convert images exported from Aseprite to IFF because of all the metadata. I’m hoping to create pixelart in Aseprite to be used in Amiga games.


I think you can convert to IFF using GIMP with the right plugin. I’m sure you’ll find something useful with a little bit off Google. Good luck!

A bit late to the party, but this would depend on whether you’re using AGA or OCS/ECS. AGA has the same colour depth as VGA, while OCS/ECS represents colours by three nibbles (i.e. 4x3 bits, values 0-15 for RGB).

I wouldn’t use GIMP, though – I’m going to recommend GrafX2 here. It’s not as intuitive to work with as Aseprite by far, but it will let you load an IFF and export it as a PNG file for further work in Aseprite. You can also do the reverse for saving, and that’s quite handy because GrafX2 lets you save with an Amiga-sutable colour depth. So if you shift colours during your spriting, you can easily ensure that they’re still blittable on an A500.

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