Does it work on Huawei tablets?

So I have the Matepad 11 which is running HarmonyOS.
Is this program working on it? I really wanna purchase it but I’m not sure if it will be working. Any tips?

Hi @Taylu, I’d recommend you to give a try to the demo version first: Aseprite - Trial

The .deb file can be decompressed and inside the data directory you can find the usr/bin/aseprite executable. Anyway I’m not sure if it’s compatible with the HarmonyOS Linux kernel.

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Thank you, I’ll try that!

Since I only saw Windows, Mac and Linux I wasn’t sure what to do!

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Okay I tried but I don’t know if it’s not working or if I’m just too stupid…
I hope there will be an android or huawei harmony OS Version