Does these palletes exist CGA EGA VGA SVGA

Is there a CGA EGA VGA And SVGA Color palette

i believe there are cga and default vga13h presets. if not, you can load external palette file or create palette from current sprite. just use image like this (ega):
(you can check result here: Enhanced Graphics Adapter - Wikipedia but it seems ok to me)

note that vga can actually choose from total of 262144 colors. vga13h is just a default palette. also svga can display up to 16 million colors, so these two are out of question. you can as well just paint in true color rgb and don’t bother. as long as you don’t have particular reason to keep standard, the visual difference will be negligible. if you do, then there are ways, but afaik much more complicated.

omg Thanks i needed it because the DOS GAME JAM but Yeah its not very popular and you dont need it to work on dos thats why im thinking of buying it + bought it 30 seconds ago

i see. good luck then ;]