Doesn't let me export anything


I’m using Aseprite v1.2.25-x64 (steam). I’m trying to export an image to PNG (it doesn’t work with GIFs either I checked) at 1000% (other scales either) but whenever I press export it just says “Error saving file:
Cannot save file {file path} in the given location”
I’ve tried changing the save path as well to no avail. Also I’m not sure if this is how I’m supposed to report bugs so if I’m doing something wrong do say!


Where exactly are you trying to save the files?

The regular pictures folder in my C drive

I’m on windows btw, forgot to mention

Should work, but depending on how your PC is set up I imagine Aseprite might not have permission to save inside your users folder or any of the subfolders unless you run it as administrator. Not sure if that’s the case, just a wild guess cause otherwise I’m not sure. Try just saving on the desktop or in C:/ or something.

I have full administrative control over my pc. I left it a night and it appears to have started working again. I guess it was a “turn it off and on again” kind of issue…
Thanks anyway