Doom Style Sprite Exporter

Hi everyone,

I made a script to export Aseprite files with the Doom naming convention (I.e., POSSA1, POSSB1, POSSC1), removing the need to manually rename a series of sprites.

The script either exports all or a selected range of frames with the angle selected. It also includes the ability to indicate mirror instructions (I.e., POSSA3A7)!

(Please also check out these scripts by emscape for more export functions: Aseprite Scripts Collection - #69 by emscape. Without them I just couldn’t get the frame-by-frame export to work!)

I know this is an incredibly niche usecase, but it might prove useful for some^^


Thank you very much for this. While I muck around with other sprite stuff, I pretty much only work on Doom sprites. This is going to be pretty useful!

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