Double click not working?

Honeycam 2018-03-17 12-38-07

Since the latest update, double clicking is not responding at all.
It supposed to display Layer properties/Cel properties, but I am not sure.

I think this is also related with this problem.
this is windows 10.

The version v1.2.7.1 for Windows (available just right now) contains a fix for this issue.

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Now double tap is not working with the pen (wacom med pro tablet), but works with the mouse double click. Same for ‘save as’ when trying to choose a different folder.
(windows 10, v1.2.7.2 -x64)

:sob: Thanks for reporting this @wolliel. Tomorrow I’ll be seeing this issue and release a fix ASAP.

Thanks, I hadn’t realised how much I depended on that simple action. Also I should have mentioned that the ‘right click’ on the pen still works fine.

@wolliel I’ve just released v1.2.7.3 with a fix for the double tap with the wacom pen. Basically it should work as in v1.2.6.

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Thank you for your prompt fix, it’s all good again.
I read your post in Twitter regarding this issue and I have great respect for you as a developer.

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