Drag and drop no longer working

Yesterday the drag and drop function was working as intended, I could get any image i have saved on my pc and open it in aseprite. Yesterday I changed my aseprite theme and for some reason it seems like today the drag and drop does not want to open any pictures… I dont want to blame the theme change as the problem causer but it seems like directly after that is what caused issues.

Hi @Smokey, generally this might be due Aseprite running as one user (e.g. admin) and the file explorer as other user (your logged in user). Anyway I’m not sure if you are using Windows.

hello decap, I am in fact using windows but Im not sure as to why im having this issue right now when It was working correctly days ago. I had not given aseprite admin privileges only steam has that. How would i go about fixing this issue because it seems when i give asperite admin privilege it doesnt work and when i take admin off it still does not work. This includes taking steam off of admin.

Also I noticed that when i try to open a project from a .ase file it does not open the specific project but it instead opens a basic window of aseprite on main menu.

So I was finally able to fix the issue if anyone has this problem. I made sure steam does not run as admin and neither aseprite. I restarted my pc and reopened steam and no longer have the issue. No clue how the problem started but whatever it was it was something dealing with steam running as admin I suppose.