Drag to resize tag

Tags are still one of the things cause the most confusion for me. Pasting a frame at the end or after a tag almost always results in some re-positioning and weird workarounds.

After thinking about how pasting could be changed, I came to the conclusion that a lot of the problems I encounter with tags could be solved by making them re-sizable by clicking and dragging them.


If the concern is interfering with the tag labels, a visibility button could be added here, which makes the labels blank.


From the very beginning I had plans to implement draggable borders for the tags, even the full tag: drag-and-drop a tag to move or copy it (just like the other timeline range, cels/frames/layers).

Issue #1275 was always a good summary of several features (some planned, some in new in the feature). I’ll see if I can implement the drag-tag-borders feature first.


Wow 2016…time flies. Had forgotten I made that list…

Compared to the other things I had mentioned there, I would say that dragging tag is certainly the most practical given that it also solves other problems.

Thanks for the response.


:rofl: I didn’t notice that you were the same user that made the issue #1275 on GitHub, time flies, indeed :hourglass_flowing_sand: