Drag Value direction for Brush Size feels inverted

[Version 1.3-beta16, Portable, Windows 10]
Hello, I have only just bought the software today and I am already loving it. I have been writing scripts and testing various features of the software.

I found the behaviour of the ctrl+alt+drag not working as I expected: Brush size becomes larger if you drag to the left, and smaller if you go to the right.

To me it feels a little off, as I would expect it to grow from left to right (same as writing from left to right). This is also the default behaviour in other art software I use when changing the brush size (e,g, photoshop, zbrush)

As a plus I would also suggest keeping the brush location fixed on the canvas while dragging left and right. It just feels more fluid as a workflow: you are painting on an area of the canvas, you change the brush size and the brush is still there in the same spot.

They are by no means deal breakers, and I love that you have added better support for a workflow with a graphics tablet, but would be awesome if these could be adjusted.