"Drag value" mode for brush resize

Aseprite has an option to change the brush size by Ctrl+Alt+dragging, but only the horizontal component of the mouse displacement is taken into account, which is inconvenient because it makes you think what direction you dragging.

I suggest to use sqrt(dx^2 + dy^2) as a value.

p.s. Okay, I got it. The fact is that (unlike in SAI, for example), resizing by dragging does not set the brush size equal to the dragging distance. In this case, of course, fixed directions for increasing/decreasing are necessary. Then my suggestion is to make an option so that it works the same way as in SAI.

you can increase by using ctrl + mouse wheel.

this does not help when using a graphics tablet

Hi @fluffyfox, how do you reduce the size of the brush? Is the distance from the point where you press the mouse down? Because in that case I’m not sure how the distance could be negative to reduce the brush size.

This is what I mentioned under PS. With the current way of changing the brush size - you are right - you need certain directions for increasing and decreasing.

In fact, I’m just more used to setting the brush size rather than applying changes to the current size. This is more convenient for me because to set the same brush sizes, the hand movements are always the same (i.e. do not depend on the current brush size). This allows you to leave this work to reflexes.

Here I tried to record how it works in SAI. It would be nice to have the same option in Aseprite someday.



Thanks for the video! Now I get it, it reset the brush size depending on the distance discarding the current brush size completely. We can think in a near future about an alternative “drag value” mode for this.

if you’re going to do this, i recommend increasing the maximum size of tools to 100px so it will scale smoothly, otherwise maths will get annoying.