Draw guidelines in editor

Can you draw in the editor temporary guidelines that are not part of the sprite?

Like the blue lines in the picture?

Just for some context, I wanted to make a plugin that shows the pixel counts when drawing a line or rectangle as I’m tired of counting pixels.

Hi @Augunrik, at the moment this is not possible, but something we’d like to add in the future (probably a GraphicsContext for the editor).

Anyway we’d need some events for the editor. In what context would you like to draw dynamics guidelines in the Editor? (e.g. in the Move tool, this happens when the mouse is inside the editor, and Ctrl key is pressed, but probably you would like to add guides pressing a button in your script, or in other kind of editor event).

EDIT: Oh sorry, reading your second comment I see that you need to run your code/draw in the editor when we are drawing/in the middle of a “tool loop”.

Thanks for your response!
That would be cool, thanks for considering!

Yeah, I‘m doing some tutorials and a lot of them involve pixel counting which I’m not very fond of. Hence the idea.