Draw tiles mode - rotating tiles?

In v1.3 when you use Draw Tiles mode, you can place tiles from your tileset. How do you rotate the tiles before you place them, without adding a new tile to the tileset? Is there a shortcut key for quick rotation when placing tiles?
If I place a marquee around the tile and try to rotate the corners, the position and rotation values appear above just below the menus, but you can’t actually rotate the sprite with your mouse. Typing a value into the degrees box crashes Aesprite.

we cannot rotate right now, it will probaly be added in future though

Tiles selection transformations are quite broken now in 1.3-beta versions. I hope developers will make them possible just like working with ordinary bitmaps. Including rotation, scaling and skewing.

As for Tiles rotation when placing them it would be really useful to have quick way of doing this. Currently you can switch to normal mode, select tile by double click on its grid cell and rotate with normal transformation tool. New tile will be created automatically (in Auto and Stack modes, and in Manual mode you will rotate tile content this way i.e. change tile).

Yeh I know you can do it that way, and in manual mode it changes the tile, but was hoping for the ability to place the tile from the tileset, and mirror/flip it before placing it down, while not effecting the original tile, as no pixels are changing, and mirror/flip is a common tile transform in game engines, without requiring an additional tile index. A simple shortcut to do it would also be useful like Gamemaker has (x, y, and z to mirror, flip and rotate) when working with tiles.

Guess it’s something they may add in that case.

While this feature (tiles flips/rotate) was planned since the very beginning of Tilemap functionality in Aseprite (and still planned), it is somewhat questionable. Because in games with rich tilesets it’s almost always better to create different tiles for different corners and sides due to lighting/shadows/variance/etc. And for limited memory tilesets (no more than 128 or 256 tiles and 1 or 2 tilesets only) you can use custom exporters. But overall it should be added, of course.

Also a quick way to rotate selection 90 degress CW/CCW is available now by assigning keyboard shortcuts to these operations. Triple click at tile/grid cell and then use assigned shortcuts. Third click required to cancel duplicating tile content and make rotation of tile itself.

You’d be surprised by how often rotations come in handy even in a rich tileset! It’s true that most tiles can’t be rotated without messing up shadows, but many flatter textures can be, and some people create cast shadows with dedicated shadow tiles that are essentially silhouettes and benefit greatly from being rotateable. Silhouette-ish tiles in general, even if not just used for shadows, often work great in rotation. Little detail tiles also often contain little enough information that they can work nicely in multiple rotations, perhaps standing in for different things.

I foolishly didn’t add rotation support to my game engine when I first started it, adding rotations later made my existing tileset so much more powerful. I only rotate a minority of my tiles, but I get a lot of mileage out of those rotations.


you read my mind, iwas going to say something like that but was too tired to type it out

just want to chime in that this is something I would like to see as well for the purposes of doing TEXTMODE art and there repurosing tiles by flipping them around is a very common tactic, so I would like to be able to do this without having to manually edit each drawn sprite.