Drawing a tennis court help


I am looking for some help. I am a complete beginner and would like to draw my own video game assets. I am wondering how I could draw a tennis court similar to the one below. It seems to be rotated a bit as well to give depth perception? I appreciate any help as to what tools I would need within the software package.


I’m unsure which part of creating such an asset you’re asking for help with, but my suggestion is to look up 1-point perspective drawing.

As for the actual pixel placement in Aseprite, this depends on what style of asset you’re looking to create. If you want a clean and smooth result containing many oblique angles like your example (which looks based on a 3D render) then Aseprite isn’t quite the right software for the job. If you want a pixel art style, look up some anti aliasing tutorials since dealing with those oblique angles will be tricky for a beginner.

I guess a better example would be from Nintendo’s tennis video game, since I know this is definitely 2D.
Would one pt perspective still apply here ? I’m focusing on just the court itself for now.

Yep, this is an approximation of 1-point perspective, with the vanishing point off the screen.

Thank you, i will google that then and see what I can find.