Drawing Backgrounds for Aseprite

What methods are best for drawing or making approximations of non-pixel artwork?

Even many months since I bought the course on Udemy, I’m still very on and off on Pixel Art and that’s partially because I’m not sure how to proceed without active instruction

How do I best make things like backgrounds? I think I may have more chance at doing them than sprites or original color palettes

There’s no way to best make anything to be honest. Instead of worrying about how to make things from scratch, my advice is to go sight-seeing on pixeljoint, artstation, and whatever other sites you can find with pixel art and save everything that you like and would like to be able to do.

Without references you’re just fumbling in the dark and even experienced artists have issues making things from nothing. I use real life references in combination with pixel art references both for style, size, colors, techniques, to figure out decent ways to do things.


Okay, thanks

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