Dry Ground Texture-Tile

It’s embarrassing, but I think I can’t stop getting the inverse or the opposite of what is intended

This is supposed to be Dry Ground, but I can’t help but think this is mud of some sorts

Water Texture

It’s supposed to be based off this image


But without a proper video or guide as reference, I am very lost…this for one likely doesn’t make anyone think of rust

Water Texture


I think you did a decent job with the colors of your dry ground. One thing I would change is the source of light. Having a light source from a direction would allow you to better show the crevices from the flat areas. I think that if you were to do that similar to your image, make your shapes varied on number of points, as well as and add more dark areas to the points where lines come together you would be well on your way.

It’s all from the top, though not sure how to properly apply it right

This one is meant to be seamless and connecting to the other part

I’ll think on how to apply your advice, but I have a hard time visualizing as I don’t see enough samples even with the internet