Duplicate view... for what?

Hello, the “duplicate view” option, what is it for?

I don’t see the use because every change I make in the duplication is reflected in the original.
I thought if I doubled then I could try some ideas on duplication without altering the original but it doesn’t work that way.

Hola, la opción “duplicate view” ¿para qué sirve?.

No le veo el uso porque cada cambio que hago en la duplicación se refleja en el original.
Pensé que si duplicaba entonces podría probar algunas ideas en la duplicación sin alterar el original pero no funciona así.

Duplicate view only creates another tab of the same file, so it will show the exact same thing as in the other tab. This can be useful for viewing other frames in your animation for reference or as a preview window if you dock it beside your original window.


In case that you are looking for duplicating the sprite you can use Sprite > Duplicate menu option.