Edit frames while animations is playing

Hi there,

Thanks for such a great product, I wanted to know if such feature could be possible to add, the idea is to be able to draw while the animation is playing therefore creating a more smooth animation just like it’s done in Game Maker 2.

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I do it by clicking on the “play” button in the preview window.


But you still need to cycle over each frame manually, my idea is that the canvas is not blocked while the animation is playing.

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This feature is in GitHub too, issue #1320


Well this is awesome glad to know I’m not the only one :smiley: I currently have GM2 installed just because of that feat on the editor tough, is there any chance we could test this in beta at some point ? @dacap :slight_smile:

I was wondering about Draw on animation playback #1320, will this feature be included on v1.3 ?