Edit > Shift = color deleted


I’m using Steam version 1.2.19

when I try to shift an area of ​​the image with the Edit> Shift menu, some portions with one (random) color are deleted.

After that it is not possible to refill that portion. After closing without saving and reopening I can work on the image again.

NOTE: The problem does not occur 100% of the time, but mainly in a file with indexed colors where another palette was loaded (Remap button).

If you can, next time you notice it happening, can you take a screenshot of Aseprite with the marquee tool selected before you’ve restarted the program and post it? Unless you are working on something you can’t show of course. I can’t reproduce this at this moment at least.

OK, this is bit embarrassing, but I can’t intentionally reproduce the glitch =/

Anyway, after defining a shortcut to the function using CTRL + arrows it seems that no longer occurs!

Thanks for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience.