Edit, tag and export custom transform data?

Hey gang!

I’m trying to scope out the difficulty level of adding a script that allows you to draw points, possibly with rotations right in the aseprite editor; allowing my artist to draw in weapon positions / rotations or projectile spawn points over the course of an animation.

A list of these points could also be used to define a custom sprite collider to mask the sprite from the lighting sources.

I’d imagine this is pretty difficult to add right now; anyone think it’s not impossible with a script? :smiley:

Hi Ben, I’m not 100% what you want to achieve with the script, do you want to interpolate points? the only problem with that would be how to specify the points (maybe a special layer with pixels to scan and check their position on each frame to interpolate them).

Right I think “points” means something different in your api, I don’t mean “pixels” I mean like a unity Vector3 type offset inside the image that a game engine could use to track something in the sprite’s context that moves frame to frame.

Say if you wanted particles to sprout from the tip of a wizard staff and fall all over the ground, but the staff moves around a lot frame to frame, you’d need to know the offset of the tip of the staff per frame, and if you wanted to have the spray out in a particular direction, you’d need to know the staff’s rotation.

This feature was inspired by powerhoof (crawl dev)'s workflow for karate basketball where they specified where the player’s hand was in a unity animation frame. https://youtu.be/sNVT7hynBYw?t=1386