Embed export settings into the .ase file?

It would improve workflow if all you had to do was set once and export! on a per file basis

Hi @jest, right now the export settings are saved in a .ini file associated with the file, but it would be nice to save some settings inside the .ini file (mainly these export options).

There were some ideas in the past to save a set of export options, so one .aseprite file could have several export commands pre-configured and we could run all of them in batch.

yeah, I thought of this usecase when working with pixel artists. I often have to screenshot my export settings so they can export it and load it in the game. It’s not too bad if you work with the same artist often though. I might look into adding this feature when I can find the time.

I think several export cases could be solved with an extension, I have some ideas from long time ago that might start experimenting soon. I’ll write a message here if make some progress.