Enchanting/Energizing Weapons

I’m busy making the Dragonslayer’s Axe from Dark Souls II/III and want to be able to do the whole lightning enchantment weapon art, but I’m wondering just how to do lightning on a weapon

Dark Souls III Dragonslayer Axe

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Thanks, I’ll see if I can edit this one

That said, this’ closest thing I got to lightning enchantment

And it’s admittedly different to the original pic

Dark Souls III Dragonslayer Axe

Try having a little fewer branches on the electricity, and maybe making them larger, spanning more of the axehead. If you make the arcs thicker, you’ll have room to have their brightness taper off, which will make them look more glowy.

The electricity would also be emitting light, you could communicate this by changing the lighting on the handle on the frames where the electricity is visible. If you want to do a longer animation, consider having the electricity dance around the axehead, with the shadows changing appropriately. It would look pretty cool!

Okay, I’ll figure out how to do that later, I think I’m finally on a roll again thanks to Terraria