Encrypted project files for asperities free trial

This software is very cool but I have made a animation I would like to save and understand that you have to buy it but I would like a way to save it as a project file you cannot open unless you have the paid version this way all the animations you make with the free one you can use again if you pay and its not totally a waste of time making a animation

Hopefully this makes sense there was another software (forgot the name) that did something similar to this and thought it would be cool to have it with this software

From what I understand, you can copy and paste your work from the trial to the full version.

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oww How can you do that?

You should be able to copy all the layers (make sure you select the layers and not the cels, the layers are the bits with the names) and paste them into a new, correctly-sized file in the other instance of Aseprite.

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