Eraser on tablet pen not work with Aseprite?

As in the title, my eraser doesn’t change to an eraser when I flip it on the tablet pen. It just stays the same brush I’m using. Then when I tap on the eraser tool while my pen is upside down in eraser mode and I flip it back to normal pen mode, I still have the eraser selected! So what I was wondering is if there’s a way to fix that in the settings somehow?? I’m pretty sure it was able to switch back and forth before, but I’m just not sure how or why it stopped.
I use Wacom Intuos Pro and I have updated aseprite to the latest.
P.S. It also works perfectly fine when I go to other programs and try the same thing I’m having trouble with in Aseprite.

Hi @TheSamiC, it’s strange, it should work with an Intuos Pro, are you on Windows or macOS? did you try restarting the computer?

I use windows 10! I have tried restarting my computer as well and it doesn’t work still. Is it possible I’d need to uninstall and reinstall? I bought it through humble bundle I believe.