Eraser right click problem with transparent background and on second layer

Hi there,
I checked the forum and found many different topics about eraser problems but unfortunatelly couldn’t find a solution for my own.
I opened a new file with transparent background and created another layer just in case. My second colour is checked as mask but the eraser doesn’t work if I use right click of the mouse instead of using the short key “E”.
Any idea anyone?

hi, and welcome!
that’s strange. don’t you have “alpha compositing”, “lock alpha” or “shading” selected by any chance?

First of all thank you so much and sorry, I couldn’t check my inbox for a while. Just saw it, and really emberrassed with that fact : ) Alpha compositing is checked. When I turn it off, the eraser activates. So is there any chance that I can use eraser with alpha just like I can use it with simple ink? Thank you so much again.

that’s fine, it is easy to overlook.;]
as for your question, i’m not sure if i understand correctly, but if you mean using right click and erasing with alpha i believe the answer is no. you have to use eraser tool, which does have a transparency settings.
the thing is, right click with pencil tool is not quick eraser tool - it’s still pencil tool. you’re just painting with background colour. when the background colour is mask (or colour with zero alpha), it is erasing stuff, but that’s the only similarity to eraser. in any other case the right click will just add the background colour to what is already there.

ohh ! now I understand. Thanks a lot. I’ll keep study it : )

Hi there :wave: just as an extra tip, in case you want to use the Eraser tool with right-click, you can configure it from Edit > Preferences > Editor > Right-click


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