Error reading header on older version

Hi, I’ve been using aseprite for around 4 years now, but I’m so used to the old UI (0.9.5) that I never upgraded to newer versions. As a result, I have to deal with the bugs of that older version, and I encountered one in April of this year, but never really got around to asking about getting help until now. I work on the Smogon Sprite Project as an animator for Gen 6-8 Pokémon Sprites in the Gen 5 style, and one of my project files was corrupted, which caused me to lose motivation non finishing the back sprite for that specific Pokémon. If someone could help me recover that file, I’d greatly appreciate it.

A few notes, since I saw these being asked when helping users with similar issues: This was on my hard drive on my computer, since I don’t have a flash drive or external drive. And again, I’m on 0.9.5, so I don’t know if you still support that older version for help and stuff. Also, I don’t have a folder other than the assets for the program itself, like a “sessions” folder. Or at least I think that’s what was asked for from other people with similar issues. I’ll provide the file if you can indeed help. Let me know if any other information is needed.



(EDIT: I realized there’s a bugs category and I don’t know how to recategorize… So… Oops.)

Is there a reason you don’t upgrade? You will lose out on all the bug fixes in the time since you first installed. For recovering your file, when you first open Aseprite, you can try to click recover files and see if any of those are the file you lost. Although I don’t even know to what extent this applies to an older version. I would also suggest making periodic backups of your projects onto something like Google Drive.

It’s mainly the UI that I’m used to, and the new UI is just harder for me to work with.

I see some people had this problem back when 0.9.6 was current. Not sure if it’s still possible to recover the file, but you can try the email mentioned here Crash during save corrupt file · Issue #319 · aseprite/aseprite ·” attaching the file.

I highly recommend upgrading, not only will you get more features but this file corruption bug has long-since been fixed, in the long run you will lose more time to old bugs than you will spend learning the UI changes IMO