Error Saving Files


So I cannot save or export anything. i was using 1.2.4 and getting an “unexpected exception caught” message, so I deleted the application and installed 1.2.9. Now i’m getting an “Error Saving file” error no matter what destination I choose.

Can anyone help?


Are you using Windows 10, and are you trying to save on the desktop or in a folder on the desktop?

I’m using Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 and I’ve tried to save a whole bunch of places…Desktop, Downloads, etc.

@thebeff could you please share with us a screenshot of the exact error? from where are you executing Aseprite? did you install Aseprite from the .dmg file to the Applications folder?

it has inexplicably begun working. one thing i noticed that changed is the functioning save prompts now show all of the files in the destination folder i was pointing towards, where as before they did not. i’m trying to think if I changed anything, but i cannot put my finger on it. if i get the error again i will reply with a screenshot!

also, i am running aseprite from Steam.

turn off your anti-virus, maybe it works.