Error while saving

I get “Error writing compressed image pixels.” then i get windows firewall notification about allow Aseprite. But I’m using Aseprite from steam and what should I do? I cannot discard my works.

OK, I fixed it but I want to write solution in if there is someone who couldn’t fix it. Click Start, type firewall and click Windows Firewall > Change notification settings. Under Private network settings, tick Turn off Windows Firewall Defender for a while to save your works. Then you can safely save your files but I recommend after saving your files turn back on your Private network settings. Take care, bye!

This sound like a really strange bug. Are you saving your file through a network? or in a local hard disk? what kind of restriction your firewall has?

I’m saving to my local files but I’m using Aseprite through Steam. When I open Aseprite it needs internet so you need to allow Aseprite with Windows Firewall to something that effects on your PC.

Did you try creating an shortcut to the Aseprite.exe file? Aseprite doesn’t use the Steam DRM mechanism so you can execute it directly without needing to open Steam. More info in this post.

No, I did not try to create an shortcut to the Aseprite.exe file. Whenever I click to start to Aseprite it opens Steam before it but I will try tho. Thanks.

I fixed that by selecting every layer and every frame and then saving normaly… Weird.