Error while trying to Compile aseprite and execute "cmake" command


I am fairly new to compiling source code into something readable for the computer and am having trouble compiling aseprite. My issue is that after downloading the dependencies (CMake) (Ninja) (aseprite-m102). I try to compile aseprite using cmake. I have various different subdirectories in my Home (main directory). Including an aseprite directory, cmake directory, ninja directory, and skia directory.

These are all downloaded seperate from one another and are not connected in any way. I am including this piece of information in case this might be useful.
-Folder Structure

My folder structure looks something like this-

Home (main)-
|-aseprite | | -cmake | | -ninja | | -skia |

As you can see all of these subdirectories are located in the home directory. Although they are not connected. Besides “aseprite” and “build”

–(back to the issue)–
Now inside of the aseprite directory I have created an additional directory called “build” as per the recommendations in the docs. Upon executing the command below in the empty subdirectory “build”:

cmake -G Ninja -DLAF_BACKEND=skia ..

I recieve this error message:

CMake Error at laf/CMakeLists.txt:86 (message):
  set SKIA_DIR/SKIA_LIBRARY/SKIA_LIBRARY_DIR to compile w/skia backend

as well as the message: “Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!”
How do i solve this problem and compile aseprite?

-System version
System: Trying to compile on a Fedora (workstation 39) based linux system.

This was the solution:

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