EULA and FAQ confusion

hi there asepriters and devs, on line 30 of the EULA it says that I can only use the compiled version for personal purposes
but in the FAQ it says that I can use it for personal and commercial purposes, so the question is: can I use it for commercial purposes or not?

Hi there @Neyuriki, indeed the FAQ is making reference to assets/sprites, so you can create art for personal or commercial products with any version of Aseprite (official or compiled). About the EULA is that you cannot compile Aseprite for commercial purposes (e.g. resell it).


oh I see, and sending the compiled version to someone is illegal?

Yes, that would be against the EULA. The idea is that each user has to compile it or buy a key. Anyway the point is to prohibit the massive re-distribution of the program.

now that you’ve come to this subject now i’m curious.
Don’t youtube videos that distribute the compiled aseprite get a strike for violating the EULA?

Yes, they do. We send DMCA requests from time to time (we generally are not searching on Youtube for that, so generally users tell us privately about some video in those cases).

last question, is it okay to teach on youtube how to compile aseprite? or also violates the EULA?

There is no problem about that :+1:

ok, thanks for your time and answers, now everything is clear for me.
sorry for anything, success for aseprite.

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