Every time i save a new file it seems to reset the thumbnail size

is there a way to stop this?
This occurs even when it is just a new save-as version of a sequence that I already disabled thumbnails on. However it never shows up until the next time I open the document in a fresh session, and so instead of getting right back to the task i have to remember how to turn those off/set the size to 1, which at least for me show up the same, after 7ish years of using the program and not needing to think about timeline settings at all most days. it doesn’t take long but the more it happens, the more it bothers me. I like just having the morse code down there. I work with big oddly-shaped character animations rather than tidy square tiles so the previews don’t look like anything useful, but they take a lot more space, and bring up a scrollbar on a much lower number of frames.
It is great that the thumbnail feature exists, i just personally do not require it at the moment.