Experiment with very lowres and very low bitcount #3

Today a 160x100 CGA 16 COLORS image.
This thime I forced too much on dithering, but the harshness of the 16 colors cga palette is not easy to manage. For use all colours (some of which are really “acid”) I must add some details like the tiny “wannabe” little purple flowers on then left grass field (“wannabe” beacause they are barely recognizable as flowers).
I hope anyway to have obtained an overall pleasant to watch image.
As usual feel free to comment.


the trees on the left lost way too much focus i dont quite know how you would fix it but thats something
the rest is bery good tougfht a little clustered it oculd use some clean up also why you didt use the pink anywere else ir could maybe have helped in some way, when using low color you gotta be creative and use everything at your disposal

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Yes you are right, I really haven’t used enough pink, (and worst on the white, only 2 stars, 2 pixels are of this color!). The problem was wondering how to use the pink and white on a landscape which usually doesn’t have these colors, I should have been more creative as you said and force the color on objects normally doesn’t have it, a bit of fantasy… Next time!
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

lemme tell you one thing young one, color is completelely subjective, how you see a color COMPLETELY depends on what as beside of it, you can have the exact same color feel diferent just by changing the colors that it surrounds

the one on the left looks brither than the one on the right, right?

they are both the exact same color to the rgb value

the color we see all depends on what context its in