Export color index list/grid

As a game developer, I use Aseprite not just as a pixel art application but I create images that serves as data for some systems in a game or an application/tool. In these cases, based on what colour certain pixels are, the application does something. In reality the color doesn’t really matter, an integer value would be more useful, the color only helps as I edit the image.

Could we have an export option, when the color mode is on indexed, where the app would save not the colours as an image but a list/grid of numbers where each number is the corresponding index value for the pixels in an image.

Could be something like:
Where leading 2 numbers are the dimensions of the image and then the list of indexes.

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cant you code that yourself either in the game or by a script for aseprite, i think thats too specific to be a ffull on needed feature


Yes, I can, on either side.
I had discussions with other Devs and everyone was interested in a feature like this.
It would be just fun to have something like this built in for those who would like to use Aseprite like I do.

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