Export each tag on a different .gif file

Using the CLI we can export each tag on a different .gif file:

aseprite.exe -b sprite.aseprite --save-as sprite-{tag}.gif

More information about the –save-as parameter and some platform specific details.


phenomenal. I <3 Aseprite.

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Hi! I saw the gif showing the process in the CLI page but I not understood… … can help me to export tag as gifs? I not have familiarity with Prompt ( :grimacing: ), so I 'm making something wrong… :o

Tnx in advance! :slight_smile:

ah… other doubt please: where’s the option for change color of the tab in the last version? I not found, perhaps I forget how I made haha

About CLI: Introduction to command line · HonKit
And also: Command-line interface - Wikipedia


Hi @Licinio_Souza, you can use the File > Export dialog to export a specific tag as a gif:


Or using the CLI as @BraidAcer said.

About the tab color, you can remove the custom color from Sprite > Properties, there is a color button there:


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Tnx a lot BraidAcer and dacap !
I’ll see more about CLI too :slightly_smiling_face:

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