Export File as .mp4 using something like ffmpeg

Right now I’m exporting to PNG sequences and then using CLI to make video out of it for Instagram or showing to clients:

ffmpeg -y -framerate 100 -stream_loop 2 -i ~/Desktop/sequences/%d.png -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf scale=1080:-1 -sws_flags neighbor -r 30 ~/Desktop/export.mkv
ffmpeg -y -i ~/Desktop/export.mkv -c copy ~/Desktop/export.mp4
rm ~/Desktop/export.mkv

I’ll appreciate if option like this could be in exporting section of Aseprite itself.

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This would require bundling a library most people don’t need. This seems better done as a script or plugin that just presents a GUI for the options and then runs the appropriate command (using os.execute() presumably).

Sometime ago I thought about that an extension could be created distributing the ffmpeg.exe (on each platform): Support to export to video files (avi, mp4, etc.) · Issue #629 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

I could try to prepare something for Windows as a first step, what do you think people?

I personally use gif for posting on internet. So I don’t think I would use such a feature.

Well, I would dig to be able to export to MP4 (or similar) video. I can’t send GIFs on Whatsapp unfortunately.

More than a year late, but I would love to have that feature ready in Aseprite to export files as intended instead of relying on a site that might butcher some frames or quality. Any updates on this?

Perhaps this could be done with a lua script that invokes ffmpeg from the users $PATH. I don’t know if the lua scripts have access to execute external apps, would need @dacap to weigh in.